Endowment Fund

The Mission Endowment Fund at St. Paul’s was created in 2005, and the first grants were offered after the fund was fully established in 2007.   The goal of the endowment fund is to enhance the mission outreach of the church apart from the general operating budget of the congregation.  Gifts will extend God’s work within our church, the community and the world.

Unlike regular giving, gifts and bequests made to the Endowment Fund will perpetuate in the Fund, allowing the mission and outreach of our congregation to continue to serve God through ministries for years to come.  Interest only is distributed, allowing the Fund to grow.  The Committee decided that no funds would be distributed until the Fund reached at least $100,000; recently the Fund passed this mark.  The Fund today has about $125,000.

Our professional financial advisor has told us that we could distribute about $5,000 per year without touching any of the original investments.  As the Fund grows, this figure will be raised.  We have application forms available for anyone in need of assistance.

Guidelines for distribution are:

  • Grants for ministerial students
  • Support Lutheran ministries locally and worldwide
  • Aid local community or congregation in music, outreach, pastoral guest, etc.
  • Support Lutheran charities
  • Assist with extraordinary events

You can be involved in the endowment program in a number of ways.  You may make a gift to the fund which will live on forever, as only the interest of your gift will be granted. We also encourage members of the congregation to think of ways money from our fund would support or enhance God’s work in this world.  Members of the church may also want to serve as a member of the endowment committee.  There are five members of the committee who serve staggered terms.

If you would like anymore information on the Endowment Fund, or if you have any questions, please contact one of its members.