Church Council

The twelve members of the Church Council, along with the Pastor, serve the congregation as leaders, legislators and coordinators of the congregation’s activities and its role as a Christian community.  We gather once a month to plan for the work of the Church:

Our mission: To bear witness to God’s presence, creative and redeeming work in the world.


  • Support the called Pastor in his work for the Church, the local and larger community.
  • Lead by guiding committees and the congregation in becoming the little Christs we are baptized to be.
  • Lead Church programs and operations by overseeing personnel, committees and activities.
  • Individually act as conduits between congregation members and Council, taking members concerns to the council and communicating council’s plans and decisions to the congregation.
  • Take action on matters of Church mission and life during the Church year as the need arises.
  • Approve the annual Church budget for congregational passage.
  • Provide for the annual audit of all Church finances and financial transactions.

Duties of council members:

  • With the congregation, we act as greeters of visitors before and after services.
  • We help enable respectful worship by acting as Ushers during worship services.
  • We help the financial secretary as tellers after the services.
  • We attend once monthly Council meetings, usually for less than two hours.
  • We each liaison with a Church committee, become involved in the committee’s work and keep the Church council up to date with those activities.

Every member of the congregation should serve on Council at some time.  You will have the opportunity to understand how the Church works behind the scenes, offer your unique skills to the work of the Church and serve with your brothers and sisters in bringing God’s word to those who have not yet heard.  When someone asks you if you are willing to be a member of council, answer God’s call.